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As such, our vocation is technological evangelization because by acquiring the IIHT franchise we have decided to invest in human capital through knowledge and knowledge. It is clear that today technologies are no longer just new but that they are becoming proactive, disruptive and have a general scope that allows the acceleration of scientific and human progress with a positive impact on economic growth.

We therefore welcome you to this site which disseminates the activities of the Indian franchise IIHT Brazzaville specializing in training on emerging technologies, we offer Bachelor and Master university courses in fields such as, data science, cloud computing , artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

We also offer qualifying training in full stack technologies and others. We are also specialized in very high technology services and services to companies, banks and institutions. On this site we will communicate in a way about our different activities, thank you.


DEEP GAME Artificial Intelligence is an artificial intelligence program created by KC-WEST Innovation  which allows thanks  the machine learning method to optimize your results in horse races and sports betting. GEEP GAME uses an algorithm called APCP which makes it possible to perform predictive analyzes in order to perform predictive hypotheses on high potential combinations.

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